Saturday, 4 July 2009

Virus Sculpture

If we could get hold of this sculpture to put up as a centerpiece in the CyborgBar, that would just about make my year!

Sculpture made out of the guts of scrapped, obsolete computers is hard to resist. Especially if it looks cool in its own right, and is as clever as this.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

CyborgBar audio-visuals

On the walls of the CyborgBar we shall hang:
  • a poster-print of the first edition cover of Neuromancer (see above left);
  • a silver machine (artwork);
  • the garish guts of several 1980s-era Macintosh PCs;
  • a climbing spider fashioned entirely from barbed wire;
  • a video projection of the scene in Fight Club where Robert Paulson is shot in the head
Any other suggestions or donations gratefully received.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Welcome to the Cyborgbar

Welcome to the cyborgbar. Part internet café, part robo-chic showroom, part refuge for the futurist and posthumanist. We offer curiosity-quenching and mind-opening refreshments, your choice of processed algae, soylent green, or mycoprotein nourishment, minimalist and nihilist decor, and the company of fellow cyborgs.

In the real world, I would purchase the fine City Café in Edinburgh from its current owners, redecorate (only slightly) and rebrand to bring in the cyborgs and cyberpunks.

For the meantime, we can create our virtual Cyborg Bar in the Aether, squatting here in the Blogosphaere, and develop the house rules that will be imposed when the meastspace Bar appears.

(1) Discounts:
  • If you use our free wireless Internet service, and your wireless device runs an Open Source operating system, you receive a 10% discount on all items from the bar menu
  • If you are a cyborg (you need a visible high-tech body upgrade; a pacemaker doesn't qualify, nor does Warwick's little door-opening chip) you receive a 25% discount on all items from the bar menu
  • If you are William Gibson or Aimee Mullins, you drink for free in my house
Please feel free to suggest rules, exceptions, exclusions, decor, menu items, and other recommendations for the Cyborg Bar.